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Articles and Essays:

How to Live with Chronic Illness: A Guide for Aeon's Psyche (7/22)

Illness Related Fatigued: More Than Just Feeling Tired (Harvard Health Blog, 10/20)

Learning To Live Well With a Persistent Illness (Harvard Health Blog, 9/20)

I Have a Compromised Immune System. Please Stay Home and Keep Me Safe (Cognoscenti, 3/20)

"Why Did it Take Me So Long to Get Tested for Covid-19?" (The Boston Globe, 3/20)

"One Patient's Experience" (, 8/13)

"Finding What it Takes to Keep You Functional" (, 11/14)

"So What Does it Take to Get a Good Night's Sleep?" (, 8/14)

"Lyme Awareness Must Include Self-Awareness" (, 5/14)

"How Angeli's Olympic Moment Touched Us All" (, 2/14)

"Resolving to Get Well Doesn't Cut it" ( and affiliates, 1/14)

"Interview with Olympic Skier Angeli Vanlaanen" (, 12/13)

"How iphones Can Mess With Your Head" ( and affiliates, 10/13)

"Normal Tired Versus Sick Tired" ( and syndicates, 8/13)

"Response to Media Coverage of Lyme Disease" ( and syndicates, 6/13)

"The All-in-Your-Head Write-Off for Lyme" ( and syndicates, 5/13)

"Recovery is a Long, Slow Balancing Act" ( and syndicates, 4/13)

"Don't Judge a Book by the Length of a Cab Ride" ( and syndicates, 3/13)

"Life Lessons from a Connecticut Turtle" ( and syndicates, 1/13)

"When Caboose Doctors Go the Extra Mile" ( and syndicates, 11/12)

"Respond Now to Healthy People Initiative" ( and syndicates, 11/12)

"Reporting in From ILADS Conference" ( and syndicates, 11/12)

"Coming Back to Life After Lyme Disease" ( and syndicates, 10/12)

"Returning to the Scene of the Crime" (, 8/12)

"Letter to a Lyme Patient in the style of James Baldwin" (, 7/12)

"Babelicious and Other Household Names" (, 6/12)

"Touched by Lyme: Take-aways From Panel" (, 6/12)

"Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease: One Reader's Horrific Experience" (, 5/12)

'Wilton Alliance for Healthier Community: Get Movin', Stay Healthy" (Wilton Patch, The Wilton Villager, The Wilton Bulletin, 9/10)

"Residents Using $52k YMCA Grant to Fight Childhood Obesity" (Wilton Patch, The Wilton Bulletin, 4/10)

"Wiltonians Gather in Washington to Fight Obesity" (Wilton Patch, The Wilton Bulletin, 3/10)

"Giving the Gift of Blood" (Wilton Patch, 12/28/09)

"Networking the Night Away" (Wilton Patch, 12/4/09)

"A Taste of France" (Abroad View, Spring 2007)


Et VoilĂ : One Traveler's Journey from Foreigner to Francophile (Belfort & Bastion, 2015)

"Coming Back to Life, Chronic Illness Style" in (T)here: Writings on Returnings (Martlett and Mare, 2014)

Interview in Chapter 7 of Laurie Edwards' In the Kingdom of the Sick (Bloomsbury, 2013; written up in Wall Street Journal)

The Easy Part Was Getting In: A College Handbook (IUniverse, 2005)


"A New Look at Chronic Lyme" (Experience Life Magazine, 5/22)

"Local Researchers on Brink of Treatment to Prevent Lyme Disease" (WBZ News, 5/17)

"Meet a Grubbie" (GrubStreet, 8/17)

"Chronic Lyme Q & A" with Laurie Edwards, author of Life Disrupted (, 7/12)