Et VoilĂ : One Traveler's Journey from Foreigner to Francophile (Belfort & Bastion, 2015)

"Coming Back to Life, Chronic Illness Style" in (T)here: Writings on Returnings (Martlett and Mare, 2014)

Interview in Chapter 7 of Laurie Edwards' In the Kingdom of the Sick (Bloomsbury, 2013; written up in Wall Street Journal)

The Easy Part Was Getting In: A College Handbook (IUniverse, 2005)

Book Reviews:

Study Abroad Paris by John Chrisman and Audrey Queyreyre (Transitions Abroad,

March/April 2007)

Stalking the Wild Dik Dik by Marie Javins (Transitions Abroad, March/April 2007)

Weekly Column for Global Lyme Alliance (

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Laughter Really Can Be the Best Medicine

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