Jennifer Crystal is a writer and consultant who specializes in non-fiction projects including op-ed, essay, and narrative medicine. Her work has appeared in local and national publications. She runs the Writing to Heal Intensive Program at Grub Street Creative Writing Center in Boston. Her memoir One Tick Stopped the Clock is forthcoming from Legacy Book Press in September 2024.

Jennifer Crystal's travel memoir Et Voilà brings the reader along on a journey that displays both self-growth and a natural unfolding of cultural immersion. Through her passionate voice and eye for emotional detail, Jennifer beckons her reader to take part in a world so rich that, by the final page, I found myself terribly sad to be leaving Paris as well. -Brandi Dawn Henderson, editor of Whereabouts: Stepping Out of Place and (T)here: Writings on Returnings

Et Voilà is an authentic and enchanting account of a young woman's time studying abroad in Paris. Observant and charming, Jennifer Crystal takes her readers by the hand and guides us through her travels--from the streets of Paris to the ski slopes of the Alps. Her story shows the transformative power of place and the people who accompany you along the way. In reading this memoir, the youthful wonderful and sense of adventure inside us all is awakened. 

-Ashley Wells, Editor-in-Chief of Redivider

Blooming with sprightly, thoughtful, and witty prose, Jennifer Crystal's debut memoir is a joyful romp through the forever-magical city of Paris. Et Voilà captures her metamorphosis from unsure tourist to chic Parisian, and with its delightful blend of adventure, missteps, chocolate, and romance, Jennifer Crystal shares the joie de vivre that buoyed her through her remarkable escapades. 

-Julia Blake, Spry Literary Journal

Et Voila cover